Painting supplies that you'll need for a paint and sip at home
Paint & Sip

Top 5 Picks for Paint and Sip at Home Kit

Paint parties have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their many benefits. They are an easy, creative way to gather groups of all sizes and ages, whether you meet in person or over zoom. Paint parties can also help take the stress out of party planning, from corporate team bonding to birthday celebrations!

Pairing painting with your favorite drink and some friends is the perfect way to relax and have fun.

What is at home paint and sip kit?

A paint and sip kit includes the essential tools for art painting, along with a tutorial video. Rather than undertaking extensive research and purchasing numerous supplies to create a painting, a paint kit simplifies and enhances the experience. 

All you need to do is order a paint and sip kit (usually one set per person), gather your favorite drinks, and then you can sip and paint with your families or friends without leaving the comfort of your home.

What do you need for a paint and sip at home?

You’ll need the essentials:

Acrylic Paint
Palettes or Paper Plates
Water Containers
Paper Towels
Picture or video of painting sample

Other things to level up the experience:

Your favorite drinks and music of course! 

Painting supplies that you'll need for a paint and sip at home


Should I do paint and sip at home?

Yes, you should totally try it! Either do it just by yourself, or throw a paint party, it will be so much fun! It is an easy, creative way to gather groups of all sizes and ages, whether you meet in person or over zoom.

And don’t forget to set the mood with your music playlist. Whether you want jazzy relaxation, coffeehouse vibes, or energetic rock hits, the choice is yours!

Top picks for paint and sip kit:

There are a wealth of excellent brands on the market that offer paint and sip kits, paint party kits, and date night paint kits. In terms of product quality and user experience, I wanted to share my top 5 picks with you:

1.  Michelle the painter 

She is one of my favorite painters. Her artworks are highly inspirational. I like that they offer both original paintings and print versions of her own design. Additionally, it’s nice of her to make a YouTube channel to teach how to do paint and sip at home, while most other companies charge money for such videos. And they have a huge and unique selection of the painting samples you can choose from.

The Essential kit is $24.95, including

16×20 canvas
disposable palette
water cup
paper towel
picture of the completed painting, link to the tutorial video, and written instructions

And a Re-useable, portable easel is available for $4 extra per kit.

Something you might want to think about before ordering:

The painting samples may require some skill and effort to complete. However, the kit price is very reasonable compared to other similar products, but it does not include free shipping.


They have a wide and lovely selection of paintings that you can choose, and a very good painting instructor that is easy to follow.

Essential kit starting from $39.99, including:
(1x) 16×20 canvas
acrylic paints
set of 5 brushes
paper palette
disposable apron
video tutorial 
$10 more for a STUDIO KIT if you want an easel too.

Something you might want to think about before ordering:

The painting kit cost is a bit high, compared to what’s available on the market, Free shipping is only available for orders over $60, which means you would need to purchase at least 2 sets, or 1 essential set and a refill kit, if you want to take advantage of this free shipping.


Painting kits start at $35, include

12×16 Canvas Panels
1 set of 3 Premium Brushes
Set of Acrylic Paints
Paper Mixing Plates
Instructional Video

Something you might want to think about before ordering:

I didn’t see any other free shipping options available. The painting samples are a bit simple and there aren’t many to choose from. However, if you have something specific you want to paint, you can talk to them first. 

4. Paint with a twist

Not sure if I should include this one in here, as they do painting event and painting kit pickup only. This means you would have to go to their studio for the event/party or pick up the painting kit yourself. However, they have excellent artwork samples and many locations, so there may be one close to you. Plus, they have an excellent reputation for hosting painting events.

Painting kits start from $40, including

-11 x 14 Canvas 
-All paint colors to create your specified masterpiece
-New and Slightly Used Brushes
-Distraction and Escape
-Detailed Instructions and Video Link will be sent digitally once order is picked up.


They offer a wide selection of painting samples to choose from, as well as a small discount for paint part kits. 

Painting kits starting from $39.95, including

11″ x 14″ Stretched Cloth Canvas On Wooden Frame
Tubes Of All Paints Required
Royal and Langnickel Paint Brushes
Splash Cloth
Paper Plate For Mixing
Paper Towels
Streaming Video Tutorial (Instant Access After Purchase)

More options with display stand or tote bag, party kits etc. 

Something you might want to think about before ordering:

However, free shipping options are not available. The canvas size is smaller than other similar products on the market with the same price. The painting samples are a bit simplistic.

Final thoughts

Thank you for reading our article on the top 5 picks for at home paint and sip kits. I hope this is helpful for you in choosing the perfect kit for your next painting party. Would be very happy to hear what your experience is with these kits, and if there are good brands on the market that I didn’t mention above.

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