Some art paintings by Aziseh Emmanuel
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Mix-media Artist: Aziseh Emmanuel

One of our exciting emerging artists is Aziseh Emmanuel. He is an award-winning painter and draftsman whose works have been exhibited in France, Cameroon, and Germany.

Aziseh’s artwork is beautiful and uplifting, but it also carries a powerful message. it really touches on the many issues faced by children in Africa.

Aziseh Emmanuel's paintings entitled Justice leads
Justice leads by Aziseh Emmanuel

Through his realistic, colourful works and children with flowers in their hands, we can see the positive vision of the world the artist sees. We think his works of art will touch the public and bring “the peace and love flower” in their heart to bloom.

He uses various mediums to create his pieces, ranging from painting and drawing to photography and digital arts.

Some art paintings by Aziseh Emmanuel
Some art paintings by Aziseh Emmanuel

There are so many more beautiful paintings to explore in Aziseh’s online portfolio. . . please head over to Aziseh Emmanuel on to see more of his fantastic paintings. 

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