Golsa Golchini's painting: Through the Slide
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Golsa Golchini: Mixed-media artist creates fun miniature worlds of water and snow

Mixed-media artist Golsa Golchini creates fun miniature worlds of water and snow on paper, canvas, books, or even part of a wall. “I love to combine all that I have ever learned during my journey and to serve it on a silver plate to the observer,” She says, “I believe the era of “complicated” artworks has come to an end and our century is in true need of simplicity and joy.”

It shows—Golsa’s work clearly finds inspiration from everyday life and shares them with the world in a simple and fun way. Just take a look at this first painting, entitled When Yin was Younger than yang.

A painting with
Image from GolsaGolchiniart

The fun, unifying theme of the contrasting color palette and similar character poses in Golchini’s paintings make them really enjoyable to look at. Shadows added beneath the flat transfers, as well as the natural shadows on the raised paint, create an illusion that the figures are physically present in the landscapes. It’s amazing how much detail is present in these paintings, especially considering they’re meant to be simple by design.

Image from GolsaGolchiniArt

Textured mounds of acrylic paint form three-dimensional waves and slopes. Painted tiny figures are added to the abstract landscapes via ink transfers, with additional details applied by hand. The paintings are simple by design because that is what the artist says the world needs right now.

Image from GolsaGolchiniart

There are so many more beautiful paintings to explore in Golsa’s online portfolio. . . please head over to  GolsaGolchiniart.com to see the rest of her fantastic artwork. And we can’t wait to see her next artwork!

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