a man in a cooking apron that says the grillfather with a father portrait drawing
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10 Awesome Father’s Day Painting Ideas That Will Make Dad Laugh

I had spent a lot of time looking for some fun and creative Father’s Day painting ideas, I figured it might be helpful if I wrap up the cool ideas and share to those who is looking for inspiration too. So, I’ve rounded up 10 of the coolest Father’s Day painting ideas to share here.

Whether he loves to fish, watch movies, listen to music, cook food, or work in his garage, he will sure love the gifts you make! So, gather all your art painting supplies and start brainstorming or get started on one of these projects today!

1.  The Grillfather

a man in a cooking apron that says the grillfather with a father portrait drawing

Love this design by pawfecthous, such a perfect artwork for dad who likes to cook. You could paint on a apron, a board hang in the kitchen or backyard. Whatever and wherever, he will love it.

2.  My Gym Dad Caricature Art


No art painting supplies at home? No problem. Just grab a piece of paper and pencil, draw him a caricature portrait in a funny style. Let your imagination go wild. It’s not just entertain to see how it comes out, but also fun to draw.

3.   My Super Dad (A Children’s book by Michael Gordon and illustrated by Tanya Maneki)

My super dad illustration by Tanya Maneki

It’s one of my favorite children’s books, and I love the illustration by Tanya Maneki. They always make me think of my childhood and the time I spent with my dad. I think it’s a great book for anyone looking for some inspiration and wanting to draw their own unique moments with their dad.

4.     You are My Rock Star

Rocks are fun ‘canvas’ to paint on, they are unique and free.

dozen rocks with fathers' day theme painting on it

image from Pinterest

5.     “Dad You Rock’’ Rock Framed Artwork

Or you can take a step further to make dad a rockin’ Father’s Day craft DIY project! Add wiggly eyes to pebbles to create adorable rock people, then glue them cardstock and customize your message to dad. Add a final touch with a frame, so he can display it in his office or man cave!

a photo frame with two rocks and some words saying " DAD YOU ROCK"

                                    image from doodleandstitch.com

6.   Shave Together

This one always makes me smile, brings out the fun and silly things we had done together. Taught me to bike, cook together in the kitchen, the walk in the wood……

father and son shaves in the bathroom

7.   Dads can do it all. Including hair.

I am sure most dads know what it’s like to struggle with braiding hair, but that’s also a great bonding time for each other. The Artiest Soosh’s illustrations perfectly capture this precious and special moment. It’s a light-hearted and heartwarming scene that will resonate with many fathers who have had similar experiences.

a watercolor painting of a father is braiding his little daughter's hair

(image from Instagram/@vskafandre)

8.     King of the Grill

a photo frame says king of the grill, we love you dad!

9.   Family portrait coffee mug

If you are unsure of your artist skills, you will love this DIY gift idea just like your dad. Draw this sketchy family portrait as a cartoon with a pair of hilarious human figures in the background of hearts to warm your father’s heart on holiday!

image from artistro.com

10.  Dad’s workshop. Toys fixed for free

Paint dad a unique sign for his like spots, kitchen, garage, garden, maybe beer house even. Show him how much you love him and how much you appreciate his works. That will make his day!

A sign says dad's workshop

                           image from pawfecthous.com


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